How do we work?

Find out what treatments we perform as part of rehabilitation treatments across Warsaw.

Individual therapy

Individual treatments are adapted to the specific needs of the patient. You will recover through physical rehabilitation. We treat injuries and help in a quick recovery.

Medical massage

Massage is one of the most popular and most efficient treatments for after injury muscle regeneration and also other injuries and physical activities. By applying appropriate techniques we alleviate the pain and stiffness of the back muscles or even the joints.


Thanks to the use of special dynamic patches, we help to relieve pain and simply prevent injuries. This method brings special benefits to patients complaining of cervical or lower back pain.

What we are best at?

Warsaw Rehabilitation – see how we can help you!

  • Backaches
    We alleviate the pain of the spine in the cervical, thoracic and lumbar sections.
  • Discopathy
    Special treatments to relieve discopathy symptoms.
  • Scoliosis
    We offer rehabilitation treatments to minimize spine pathologies, such as scoliosis.
  • Injuries
    We help you quickly recover from fractures, dislocations and other injuries.
  • Sports injuries
    Quickly return to form through special rehabilitation therapy for athletes.
  • Joint pains
    We alleviate the symptoms of joint pain and help to return to your previous form.
  • Degenerations
    We carry out rehabilitation for the degeneration of the spine and other parts of the body.
  • Neurological rehabilitation
    Recover from head injuries, cerebral infarction, spinal injuries or multiple sclerosis
  • Bedside rehabilitation
    Sit and walk training, verticalisation, passive and respiratory exercises

No matter which problem you suffer, if it’s within our competence, we will help you recover. If you are interested in rehabilitation in Warsaw, then you are in the right place. We reach the patient directly and within the city borders we do not charge for it. We guarantee effective and painless physiotherapeutic procedures to help you recover quickly!